Why a Dedicated IP address?

Let’s first understand what an IP address is. 

The abbreviation IP, stands for Internet Protocol. This is the unique address that is assigned to each computer that is connected to a specific network. An Internet Protocol address is the unique identifier used to provide valid location of a pc or website in a given network.

A Shared IP address is one address used by many websites, on one web server. This means the web server is loaded with extra work, as it needs to parse the user’s request to the website the user want’s to visit.

A Dedicated IP address gives a website it’s own address. You will be able to reach the website either by using it’s name (such as https://wordpressfreelancers.co.za) or, the IP address associated to it, to access it from the web.

A Dedicated IP address has specific, much needed advantages. 

  • Access to your website whenever you need it
  • Less downtime – no parsing delay
  • Email reputation – when using a shared IP address, blacklisted email address that may be on the shared IP address you use, will affect your website’s email’s reputation negatively
  • Business identity – when you have an online store or e-commerce website and you won’t be using third-party services for payments, users will get a warning that your site is not safe in the absence of a Dedicated IP address and SSL certificate as this provides security for your customers’ data.
  • Some third-party scripts requires a Dedicated IP address
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