Where To Start With A New Website

You have a great idea, an organization or a business and need a website. But oh dear, where to start? It seems like a mammoth of a task, but with these easy pointers you’ll soon realize it’s not that difficult and be well on your way in no time.

  • Decide on a name – domain names can typically consist of your business name, organization name or idea. Put some thought in it – it may be SEO friendly if it contains something to do with your services or products. It’s not essential, though it could be beneficial.
  • Decide on why you want it. For example, is it to attract customers to an online shop, or is it to receive bookings, perhaps you’d like to receive service ordering, mabe you’d like an accounting system on your website to take care of invoicing, processing and shipment processes.
  • Document your website ideas in a Microsoft Office Word document, or a few text files. Give each idea a page heading, as you may as well use it for your website. For example, start a document named “About” and write all the About page info in it. Do the same for Services, Products, etc.
  • Remember to have images for your products of services – or ask us to source it.
  • Submit the above to us and you will have a fully functional website or web business, in no time.

We’re looking forward to assist you with your website. Order your’s today still.

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About the author : PA Mc Kenzie