Error 500 after plugin updates

We all fear it – yea, the simple task of updating plugins. All would seem fine and then suddenly she’s broken!

You can play around with your htaccess files and hop from this problem to that, but if you know that you have just updated plugins and can’t access your admin – go figure.

Try this next time you update plugins:

  • quickly copy paste a list of the plugins you’re about to update

Then, once you’ve updated an experience the error 500, hop on over to your hosting server panel and follow this:

  • quickly add a index.html page with a maintenance message on it – by default I leave one available but simply rename it until I next need to use it, i.e. index.htmlx
  • go to wp-content and then to plugins
  • rename the plugin from the list you made, you first suspect may be the cause of the error – I typically just add an “x”behind the file name
  • go back to your website’s admin pages and see if you can access it
  • if yes, go to “Plugins” within your website
    >> If it did NOT work:

    • go back to your hosting server – change the name of the plugin you’ve renamed back by removing the “x”
    • rename the next plugin from the list you made
  • you will see the plugin as disabled – try enabling it from the Plugin page
  • if it works, you can go back to the hosting server and change the name of the plugin back by removing the “x”


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