About WordPress Freelancers

We are WordPress freelancers and website designers that builds businesses and best known for affordable design and hosting options.

WordPress Freelancers has been building websites and providing hosting services since 2001. We started our WordPress side in 2012, teamed up with Techniworld in 2015 and quickly filled a niche where people wanted good websites, fast, without crippling their finances in the process. Our company has extensive experience; we know what to look out for, why at times simple is better than extravagant and why extravagance sometimes gets first place; we know how to make your website stand out and most importantly, how to make it work for you. We’re talking about focusing your visitors to the main areas of your business; we’re talking being found and we’re talking getting the result you wanted, from your website. 

Why WordPress? Why not.  WordPress is freely available for anyone. It is an open source software and no one may sell it to you. As we’re also a domain host, we install WordPress for the DIY’ers out there, free of charge. We only charge for our services – but our hosting offers the WordPress system as a freebie. 

For companies and people who simply do not have the time or resources to assign an employee to fulfill this, we offer a complete package. You choose your domain name, your content manage system type which is included in your hosting, tell us how many pages, if it is an eCommerce system tell us about your products, if you want SEO indicate that, and you’ll have an instant quote right here, right now – without having to wait, call or face anyone.