A Helping Hand Towards Our Future

When it came to our attention on an innocent social media post, that many children by month two of this year still won’t have the necessary stationery they need for school, it touched our hearts deeply.

We realized that +- 40 children would have no control over that and they would be off to a bad start of what should be a wonderful and important year full of promise for a bright school career.

We know the specific teacher of Bellville Primary South, Mrs Deyzel, on a personal level and realized that what she put into her class, would come from her own pocket. She deeply cares about her students.

My first reaction was to grab my bag and keys. We rushed over to a local cash & carry store where 40 rulers and 40 metal sharpeners were bought. We then rushed over to another large store, but they closed at one o’clock as it was a Sunday. We then rushed to a mall that always stays open till rather late at night.

We gaped openly at the prices staring us in the mouth … I mean eyes. We rushed from store to store to compare prices.

It pleases me to say that Pick n Pay beat all of them with a price of more than R10 off on the same product, that we could find anywhere elsewhere. We bought 40 Bic combo packets each containing 12 colored pencils, a HB pencil and an eraser, at an excellent price of more-or-less R13.95.

Then the cashier rang it up and gave us the good news. They had given a further discount … we saved about R111 on the complete sale. I literally, had tears in my eyes.

We’ve been back to the stores in the meantime, also back to Pick n Pay. That very same combo pack now costs R24.95 at Pick n Pay, and at other stores were seen for about R27.99 upwards.

A huge shout out to Pick n Pay from Mrs Deyzel and her Gr. 2D learners as well as WordPress Freelancers. It would never have been possible to help 40 children, without the affordable prices you offered.

Also a special thanks to Bic who had a promo of their own on the outside. They gave labels for every 3 Bic items bought. This enabled Mrs Deyzel to have labels readily available for the children’s books.

We will be back next year January at Pick n Pay Canal Walk, to buy however many sets of stationery we possibly can, for next year’s class.


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